About Revolutionary Patriot

Live Free - Be Brave - Be a Patriot. It's Not a Tagline - It's Who We Are

Revolutionary Patriot is a civilian family owned and operated company that upholds the principles that our forefathers set forth over two hundred years ago. Being a patriot is a way of life for us. It’s something that we wake up with and it’s something that allows us to sleep a little easier at night. If you look all around this great country of ours, Patriotism is not as wide spread as it once was. Too many people take for granted what is sacrificed in order to provide them with the freedom that this great country provides. 


Who we are


Our hope and dream is that this entire nation gets back to a place where being proud of your country is actually something to be proud of. We certainly are and we’re proud to show it. Not just in the things that we do and the words that we speak, but in the lifestyle that we live. 

The Revolutionary War was fought (both in battle and in mindset) by men and women that knew that it took bravery, sacrifice and unwavering dedication to earn their freedom. Those men and women had a sense of pride and patriotism and they fought with every ounce of their being until they got it.

They were Patriots. And they inspire us to uphold the values that they fought so hard for. They inspire us to never take for granted the freedom that their sacrifices provided. They inspire us to be brave in the face of those who wish to take it away. And above all, they inspire us to be Patriots ourselves.